Who, What, When, Now

Hizzboy Elroy started out as the duo in 1986, known as David & David, namely David Wiegand and David Stinson.  Occasionally D&D was a trio, whenever David Wiegand’s then-wife (and David Stinson’s second cousin) Maureen performed with them.

In 1989, Hizzboy Elroy was formed.  The group’s original lineup was David Wiegand (guitars, vocals), David Stinson (guitars, vocals), Christopher Russell (lead guitar, harmonica, mandolin, vocals), and Eric Greenberg (bass, vocals).

Over the years, members left and new members joined, including Dale Gilstrap (lead guitar, vocals) and Peter Kramer (bass).

Hizzboy Elroy continued to perform through the mid 1990s and have occasionally reunited to perform whenever schedules allowed.


Today, Hizzboy Elroy once again is back together with original members David Wiegand, David Stinson, and Eric Greenberg planning future performances.  Stayed tuned (somebody has to).

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