Vintage HBE

Many of our “gigs” were played at Gallagher’s Pub on Connecticut Avenue in Washington, D.C.  Gallagher’s is long gone.  It is now Nanny O’Brien’s.

Gallagher's Pub in Washington, D.C.











Oh what a feeling, seeing your band’s name up in lights. Okay, seeing your band’s name on the cardboard poster stuck inside the front window.

Now Playing, Hizzboy Elroy, Gallagher's Pub






Our first performances as HBE were at Gallagher’s Pub during the Sunday Night Open Mikes.

Gallagher's Open Mike Early 1989







Mary Chapin Carpenter was the Host During the mid 1980’s.  When she left for bigger and better things, she was replaced by Steve Erwin.

Gallagher's Open MIke Host Steve Erwin

Steve Erwin, Host of Gallagher's Sunday Open Mike












The original band line up.

Hizzboy Elroy September 1989







David Stinson Performing at Gallagher's Pub, Washington, D.C., circa 1989











Christopher Russell


Eric Greenberg and David Wiegand








David Stinson






Whack! D.C. June 1992

Eve Zibart Wash. Post Weekend September 27, 1991

Eve Zibart Wash. Post Weekend June 19, 1992

Metro 2 Wash. Post November 6, 1987

November 6, 1987 (cont.)

November 6, 1987 (cont.)

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